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Just a little notice that I’ll be leaving for Tokyo tomorrow (´・ω・` )

If everything goes as planned I’ll be gone until April. I’m gonna bring my laptop and my tablet so my blog won’t go on hiatus but I’m not sure how much time and motivation I’ll have for drawing ;v;

However I’ve been thinking about creating a side blog for posting photos and ramblings about my life there, what do you guys think?

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You’re the one who doesn’t understand! What dream? What future? It’s you who cares about all that! I’m not you! I don’t want any of that!

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Haruka-senpai, look!

Yeah, painful as this scene was, because it scared the bejeezus out of Haru, it says a lot about what he’s assuming and knows to be waiting for him should he follow the path to go pro.

He thinks Rin assumes he’s going to come, is waiting to drag him there, and Rin patently was assuming, felt that while Haru might be dragging his feet, in the end he’d make the logical decision after much dithering: to go pro, because Haru clearly likes competing and gets fired up in a competition.

But it wasn’t exactly blind assumption on Rin’s part — it was a conclusion drawn from watching him, from seeing how Haru reacts in the water and in competitions, seeing that slow burn of competitiveness finally start to really ignite, seeing Haru training hard presumably with some kind of end-goal in sight.

And even in their fight, he reminds Haru that he can swim for himself and his friends all he likes, because in doing so, that’s going to be a stepstone to vault him into his future. That he ought to be swimming like that.

I just have so many feelings about this episode, man.

I know you get hundreds of these but out of all the professional artists I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot) you are in the top 5 of my favorite artists lists. I have cut outs of your work that I take to school and study in my free time during classes. I love your art so much please never stop. You're so very talented.


p-professional artist…??? ?? me?? you have cut outs of my work??

please excuse me while I go lie down and cry

no but seriously, I can’t believe ;//A//;

Anonymous SAID:
Hiiiiiyyyeeeee can I repost the Connie and Sasha selfie you drew? \(//∇//)\

Reblog yes, repost please don’t :’D

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I just found this while cleaning out our storeroom and I laughed for 10 mins straight, there are real tears in my eyes
so if you ever wondered what I drew in grade school, apparently this is it

I just found this while cleaning out our storeroom and I laughed for 10 mins straight, there are real tears in my eyes

so if you ever wondered what I drew in grade school, apparently this is it

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Name: Nadine

Nickname: none that are used regularly really :’D

Birthday: March 30th

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Height: 160cm

Time Zone: central european

What time and date is it there: August 27th, 12:51

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 8-9 hours

OTP: ereri

The last thing I googled was: clip studio paint (PLS BUY FOR ME ANYBODY ;A;)

My most used phrase(s): omg, oh my gosh, what the hell

First word that comes to mind: cat

What I last said to a family member: “don’t need it”

One place that makes you happy and why: my room because I feel safe and at home and my cat is usually there

How many blankets I sleep under: one

Favourite beverage: coffee I guess? though the thing I drink the most is plain water :’D

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Godzilla

Three things I can’t live without: kitties (especially mine), my closest beloved people, internet

A piece of advice for all my followers: uhm… ….?? ?? how to give advice ;A; always treat other people kindly and with respect because it makes others and also yourself happy

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when i see something on tumblr that i find really cute and it makes me happy my eyes well up with tears and i make obnoxious inhaled squealing noises and my throat closes and it takes me a minute or two to calm down and sometimes i have to walk away from the computer for a bit because if i stayed i would scream and explode

nadine's reincarnation AU is one of those things

i literally just stopped breathing for a good ten seconds because i couldn’t handle the cute and when i started breathing again i couldn’t talk for like five minutes and all i could do was make happy squeaking noises

congratulations on your AU its amazing and it made me almost cry so yes you are amazing


oh my gosh I just found this but you have no idea how much I needed this right now, I want to hug you tightly and never let go ;;A;;


I feel like I don’t even deserve all of your guys’ love and precious messages when I take such a ridiculously long time to answer ;A; THANK YOU EVERYONE! Even if I don’t reply immediately, you seriously make my day with these <3

Once again, requests are taken note of and hopefully I can fulfill a few sometime ;v;

1. They say ‘make love not war’! Actually I used these as a reference :D

2. Oh my gosh ;v; Y-your idol…?? That means I must give good advice -sweats profusely- First of all, the same old boring but still true answer: practice is the key to nice art. The truth is I don’t have any experience with a situation like yours where you start out drawing as a conscious decision so I think my advice is crappy ;v; I’ve always been drawing, so my progress happened naturally. What I’d say for the beginning is simply draw A LOT. Doodle, doodle, doodle. Don’t set your goals too high, drawing like a pro within a week isn’t possible. Use lots of references and when you’re drawing people, focus on one thing at a time maybe? Study hands, eyes, noses, faces, hair etc. But most importantly, draw what is fun to you and be patient with yourself <3

3. Thank you ;;u;; I learned it on my own by just drawing a lot throughout my life. My inspiration… I think it’s simply the feelings I have for my OTPs? Also watching the shows I love and beautiful fanworks of other people.

4. & 5. Yup, it’s ok to use my art for icons/sidebars as long as you add visible credit! <3 But please only on here on tumblr, I don’t really like seeing it elsewhere.

6. Maybe one day, who knows? I’m not reading the manga so I don’t even know her right now :’D

7. Yesstyle is actually an online store and you can order there from all over the world I think! Try going here, they have tons of cute stuff <3

8. You don’t sound rude at all, hun! My favorite program will forever be PaintTool SAI and I think it’s very suited for beginners in digital art too since it’s not very complex :D So I’d recommend that, yup. As for tips for drawing with a tablet… I think all you need to do is get used to it, experiment a little and it will soon feel like doing traditional art. My favorite part of digital drawing is that you can select certain parts and resize/tweak them without having to erase everything, you might start appreciating that too >:D

9. Hm nope, I don’t have a real ship with Hanji either ;v; MikaHan, I wouldn’t know how to make that work in my head tbh xD

10. …student/teacher AUs can be pretty good -nods- *//v//* as long as Eren isn’t too young in it and it isn’t creepy, I’m all for it :’D

11. S-SENPAI omg ;A; -dies- I can’t remember what inspired me to draw first as I was only…. 5? hahah Maybe my cousin as I thought she had amazing art skills back then.

12. I guess you mean my reincarnation AU? Yup I’m still planning to continue it as soon as I have the power and motivation to draw again <3

13.  Thank you for telling me, dear!! ;v; Sadly this person has their ask box closed… and I don’t like discussing this stuff with the re-posters through my blog -sigh- ;v;

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Hello lovelies~! As some of you might have noticed I’m taking forever to reply to messages lately. I’m really, really sorry and I feel increasingly horrible about it ( p_q) Please don’t ever think you’re bothering me or I’m ignoring you, I’m seriously happy about every single message I get.

The thing is I’m not at the computer that much at the moment because I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with my family. I’m going to leave Germany for a year abroad to Tokyo on September 2nd and even though this has been my dream for the longest time, I am nothing but terrified atm OTL All I can think of is leaving my beloved people, my very precious cat and everything I’ve been used to behind and consequently I don’t feel very social and chipper (even threw up this morning…)

WELL. I don’t want to whine as this was my own choice and it will surely do me a lot of good but I just wanted to let you guys know why I’m so absent lately. I still love you all ok <3

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