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It might sound cheesy but I can’t believe how sweet and supportive you guys still are after I haven’t produced any art in so long ;;A;; I’m honestly so happy (and also feel a bit guilty for not giving anything back)

myfaceislovely said: Aaahhhh I’m so happy you had a good day, darling! I wish you all the luck of the world that it’ll work out with your crush. Go catch ‘em! >:D

imthespeedofspook said: Yeeeaaah, way to go! I hope that good luck continues! ‘O’

more-lithe-of-mind-than-of-foot said: Aww good for you!! ;-)

liulishu said: Ohhhh that’s so cute :) you should talk to him more often !

nesakii said: Aww! Congrats on your wonderful day! :D

mizulily said: Oh gosh, I know that feeling. When you and the person you like don’t interact at all, you have to treasure the smallest of things, I wish you all the best!

clearly-not said: awwwwww What language do you take? That’s great that you were able to be more or yourself hehe ^^ Fuuuu~ Wonderful feeling it must’ve been! Hope you get chances to talk with him more >,6b

crazybreadstick said: I’m so happy for you!!!!!

yaoinshit said: Good for you ^u^

 iamwhateveriwanttobe said: Glad you had a great day, you deserved it ^^

I hope something wonderful happens to all of you and of course also everyone else who likes my posts ;A;

Oh and clearly-not, I started learning Japanese!

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Sorry for leaving personal trash here again but I had the greatest day ever today and I can’t talk about parts of it on twitter like I usually would ;-;

Started the day with my first lessons at language school and they were SO FUN ;A; The other students (from all over the world!) were so nice too, I wasn’t as shy as usual at all and I left with an awesome feeling.

And the ultimate cherry on top, I got a sweet message from the guy I’ve been nursing a crush on for like… 3 years. I wrote him in a moment of great bravery yesterday AND HE STILL REMEMBERS ME AFTER ALL THIS TIME and we never even really talked much (only one short super awkward encounter irl), I dieeee ;///A///;

and then you uttered the words that changed my life

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Ugh I’m suddenly having an overwhelming feeling of missing you guys and interacting with you ;A;

I always think ‘I’m going to spend more time on tumblr sometime during the next days’, ‘I’m going to answer/write messages soon’, ‘I want to draw again’ but…. the days just whoosh by one after another?? And suddenly September is already over and I’m going to start language school tomorrow. I’m not sure if that will help me go back to a calmer life but I do hope so ;A;

Don’t forget me ok, I will make my return!

Anonymous SAID:
uhhh..."Do Not repost without permission" you do realize that is the point of tumblr right? To repost and share and all that right?

Oh I think you got that wrong! I appreciate people reblogging my posts greatly and I’m very happy if it happens, I just don’t like when people take my art I worked very hard on and post it somewhere without any credit or respect towards me whatsoever (or even worse, claiming it as their own).

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TEAM S A M E Z U K A !! 

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Precious Haru


Precious Haru

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